Q: Can I place my order over the phone?

Feel free to give us a call! You can reach us at (864) 638-2391 Monday-Saturday between the hours of 9:00am to 6:00pm EST.

There’s something that I want and it’s out of stock! What should I do?

Give us a call at the store or shoot us an email! The item maybe listed out of stock online but we may still have a couple in store. We are more than happy to check for you!

Q: How long will my flag last?

Our flags are designed to give you the longest possible life.  How long you flag will actually serve you is determined by many factors including the environment and the care given to it. The harsher the environment, the harder it is on your flag. How long any flag will last depends on the weather, its location, airborne contamination and how often you fly your flag. Remember, your flag is a piece of cloth that works very, very hard. Throughout its lifetime your flag shakes, trembles, drapes, snaps, chafes, bakes, freezes, ripples, flutters, furls, twists, flaps, strains, flies, unfurls and hangs! Is it any wonder that a flag that flies continuously needs replacing two or three times a year? Wind, water, sun and carelessness are the major enemies of a flag. 

No one can control the weather but you can take some important steps to lengthen the life of your flag. Occasionally washing your flag in warm detergent water will prevent pollutants and dirt from weakening the fabric. Always let your flag dry thoroughly before storing it to prevent mildew or color transfer. At the first sign of fraying, have your flag repaired before further damage is done. Try to keep your flagpole as clean as possible.

Q: How can I clean my flag?

To keep its rich colors looking bright, clean your flag regularly, before soiling and discoloration from dirt, smoke, dust and other airborne contaminants “set” in the fabric. Outdoor flags can be hand-washed (or machine gentle cycle) with cold water and a mild soap, NO BLEACH - NO FABRIC SOFTENER!!  Thoroughly rinse and spread the flag out to dry. Do not let the flag stand in the wash water or you might experience some color “make off” onto the white stripes. Professional dry cleaning is recommended for indoor/parade flags. 

Q: What is the best material and construction for flags flown year round outdoors?

Outdoor year round flag material and construction: Nylon and polyester are the most suitable materials for outdoor use. Due to its fade resistant characteristics, nylon is especially preferred in environments where there is constant exposure to bright sunlight. Polyester, a heavier material, is ideal for extreme weather conditions. Although not as fade-resistant as nylon, it is more likely to withstand frequent exposure to rain, freezing temperatures, and high winds. The most common construction for a flag designed for year round usage outside would be a printed single reverse flag. The design is printed on only one side of the flag and the reverse image can be seen through the opposite side of the flag. This product usually flies on a large freestanding flagpole so it is finished with a reinforced canvas heading and grommets. It is recommended that if an item is to be flown outside year round that multiples of a flag are purchased.  

Q: What is the best material and construction for flags used indoors?

Indoor flag material and construction: For items designed to be displayed indoors the weather no longer becomes an issue and more choices are available. Nylon, cotton, satin, and polyester are among the materials available. Indoor construction can include additional features such as fringe and gold tassels. Depending on the how the flag is to be displayed grommets or a pole hem may work best. Indoor flags can also be printed or appliquéd depending on the design, quantity and usage.